Thursday, January 28, 2010


My first blog post from the iPhone! Can't believe it took me so long, although typing with one finger is not ideal... might be a short one.

As per my latest tweet, here come some resolutions for the year beginning Monday 1st February 2010. Yes, you heard me, February. That's just how I roll.

1 ~ I will go to Bikram yoga once a week.

2 ~ I will start AND finish a new creative project each month.

3 ~ I will keep blogging.

4 ~ I will spend time away from the computer, and resisting the urge to use the Internet on my phone (tonight doesn't count!).

5 ~ I will take more photos.

6 ~ I will get more sleep.

7 ~ I will try going vegan for a month.

8 ~ I will become a member of my local library.

9 ~ I will start a herb garden.

10 ~ I will choose to be happy most of the time, even when it's tricky.

I think these are very achievable. Wish me luck!

>> I'm putting the iPhone down now.


sandi said...

good luck.
I like the part of being member of the local library ... I thought about that myself ... but then I think, I cannot give back books I really like.

週休 said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................

Anna Laura said...

I have started a little herb garden, some origano, basil and rocket (from scratch). I always get sad that the basil will die when it gets cold. What I want to be able to master is mint!

jesska said...

I intend to join the library and start the herb garden this weekend! About the blogging, well, I blame the lack of internet at my new house...