Friday, October 7, 2011

Things That Amaze Me

"I'm having one of those "it's an amazing world" moments. You know when you forget for a while then something makes you remember again? Yeah."
- me, just then, on Twitter.

Kinda just inspired myself to write this list! In no particular order...

Google Street View
Being able to take a virtual walk through a faraway city you've never been to. Google kindly provides some recommendations if you don't have a globe handy to spin and plant your finger.

You know the app that listens to a few seconds of a song and then tells you what it is?

I <3 my iPad & purple headphones!
My MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad... I know it's shallow to place so much appreciation on material objects, but they truly improve my life. Pretty much all of them. It seems particularly relevant today with the passing of Steve Jobs. What a brilliant man.

Google Goggles
Have you tried this? Take a photo of something and Google figures out what it is. Actually I suppose it's visual Shazam, huh? I know it's the second Google mention, but it's worth it. Trust me.

So I'm really saying, modern technology amazes me (among other things!). If you're reading this, you're in the 30 percent of the world population with access to the Internet, which is pretty damn amazing too. Consider yourself lucky.

In closing, I think everyone should listen to Louis CK's take on the modern world, just for a little perspective: "Everything's amazing, nobody's happy".

Goodnight x

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