Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning to sew on a button

Out of necessity (because my jackets were falling apart) I learnt how to sew on buttons today. About time. The 5 simple steps I followed:
1. For heavy fabrics, like my jackets, use strong linen thread.
2. Cut 20cm thread and feed it through a large needle.
3. Pull through so it's doubled over, then knot the end and snip the excess.
4. Hold the button slightly away from the fabric as you loop the thread through the material then the button.
5. I did about 3 "loops" then tied off the end, and snipped the excess.

>> YouTube is helpful for knitting, sewing and crochet tips cause you can actually see what's being explained.


thevintageyear said...

Hey Jess, your jacket looks cute! A tip I learnt from my mum is after you do the 3 or so 'loops', you can wind the thread a few times around the loops you've made, between the button and the material, before pulling the thread through to the wrong side of the material and knotting/snipping. It tends to make them more secure! (Hope that made sense!). Hope all is going well in chilly Melbourne!! x

thevintageyear said...

I just also wanted to say that the word verification before was 'prowess'.. Neat hey? :)

jesska said...

Thanks for the tip! Think I need to take a sewing class to help nudge me along, just taking way too long on my own.

...and 'prowess'! That's awesome :)

Jenaveve said...

Very nice jacket and button sewing skills! A good thing to know - considering how crappy some stores are at putting them on in the first place. Mine are forever falling off.

SCOTT said...

I often miss the knitted clothin' that my nan would create. Fashion doesn't get much more authentic than the ol' xmas knitted sweaters and scarfs ... (: