Thursday, December 3, 2009

iTunes Genius Mixes

I am constantly amazed by modern technology - most things created by Google, the iPhone, planes, even wireless internet! How does data get sent through the air? I'll never get my head around that one.

Anyway, my latest discovery are the new Genius playlists in iTunes. Somehow it decides what songs will work together, and it's usually pretty right! It's like having your own personal radio station. JesskaFM.

What: iTunes Cards (on sale)
From: Apple
Where: Myer (til 11 Dec) and Big W (til 9 Dec)
Cost: 2x $20 iTunes Cards for $30 (Myer), or $45 iTunes Cards for $36 (Big W)

1 comment:

Pauline said...

Hi Jessca, I noticed your interest in music. Maybe you will find this singing competition called Cabbie-oke being organized in Melbourne interesting. They've also uploaded some fun music videos on YouTube music videos on YouTube.