Monday, May 26, 2008

A bargain hunter

Market shopping has been successful two weekends in a row! I want to visit St Andrews market soon, but here are the latest purchases closer to home...

Paisley silk scarf ~ $5, Camberwell market
White cable knitted jumped ~ $3, Camberwell market
Vinyl record bowl ~ $12, Rose St Artists market


Caylie said...

i was quite dissapointed by st andrews market when i went, but you never know,could have been a bad market day, I might head down to camberwell this weekend if its not raining. love the cable knit jumper :)

jesska said...

My friend has been holding stalls at St Andrews every so often, so I'm hoping to coincide my visit with that. Highly recommend Camberwell market, and I've found on rainy days there are less stalls BUT also less people to compete for bargains ;)