Monday, May 12, 2008

A tease, such a tease

At first I thought I would post my own knitting instructions, with step by step photos, but have since realised how many there are already (most better than mine would be). It seemed a shame to waste my arty snaps, so here is just one... Meanwhile, I stumbled upon these gorgeous fingerless mittens today, and while looking for a similar pattern was recommended Ravelry. Again, I'll let Wikipedia explain what it is, but the waiting list is currently 4,746 people long... who knows when they'll let me in. I'll keep you posted.

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Lady Melbourne said...

Hey I just foudn this through my comments page and I love knitting!
Do you do commissions? Because I'm looking for a black and white knitted scarf, maybe we could collarborate and share the results.
Something to think about, love your blog!