Thursday, May 22, 2008

A poem

It's not really a poem, just a sentence put together on my fridge using Magnetic Poetry words (we have the Artist and Rock & Roll kits). Hours of entertainment for house guests. Huge distraction from knitting.


Anonymous said...

I have Destroyer (as in the band) magnetic words. They were sent out as a promo for their last album, and I won a set from another blog!

I love them - I want to get a couple more sets so I can write whole NOVELS on my fridge door.

jesska said...

That's a rad promo idea! One set really isn't enough, even two is lacking sometimes... all little words get used up so we can only make weird sentences like "loom out of aesthetic party water" and "drunk groupie between artist and roadie"*

*actual phrases currently on my fridge thanks to random houseguests, ha.