Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just a minute... in February

I thought about backdating this post so it actually 'happened' in February... sneaky short month! Anyway, it's my just a minute roundup:

Reading... the Lazy Girl's Guide to a Fabulous Body (on a bit of a health kick).

Watching... Buffy, season 3 - it's intense! And very 90s.

Listening... to the album "Rockferry" by Welsh pop-soul singer Duffy.

Eating... vegetarian food, as usual. Thinking about going vegan soon.

Crocheting... the green beret, but it's nearly done.

Learning... the wonders of new technology like Twitter, and the iPhone (I don't have one yet but soon!). I'm very much on Team Apple these days.


Cindy said...

Oh I love Buffy in all her '90's goodness. You can NEVER have too much hairspray I say.

Vegan and Vintage said...

Hey lovely girl!

I am going to start a vegan knitting group and thought you may be interested. Obviously you don't have to be vegan but there will be yummy vegan food and we would encourage the use and benifits of non-animal yarn.

Anyway, I will post about it on my blog very soon, I need to find a location for it too.


jesska said...

I would love to!! I had my own stitch n' bitch group last winter but it kinda stopped as the weather warmed up. More than happy to bring along vegan treats and source non-animal yarn - I'm investigating the step over to vegan at the moment anyway. Let me know if you need any help organising etc. Great idea! x