Thursday, June 5, 2008

A black and a white thread

I'm knitting too slow: my high hopes of a finished project are instead another work in progress (the last scarf for a while). I'm hanging out to try my hand at fingerless mittens when these are done!


Channon said...

I need to learn how to knit better so I can try my hand at fingerless mittens too. I have always wanted a pair. That scarf is really cute, I love the stripes. I need to work on that too, learning how to use more than one color. My skills aren't that advanced yet!

jesska said...

These ones are gorgeous, but it's not a free pattern so I'm still looking:

Changing colours is easy if it's on the end of a row - just knot the next thread to the original one, and it tucks in at the end as you keep knitting. I'll go back and weave the loose bits at the end. My first attempt at two colours, so I hope this works!