Thursday, October 2, 2008

A blogtoberfest!

1. madeinaustralia, 2. tops, 3. blacktree, 4. rosaritobeachhotel, 5. jollyox, 6. kontiki, 7. breakthehamburgerhabit, 8. barramundiinn, 9. brownpalacehotelworldmap

I just added some matchbox photos to my flickr set. Must be over half way through them, but still more to come! (mosaic making link is here)

>> Big Cat's Emporium is hosting Blogtoberfest, which I am mainly attracted to by the name, but also because it's a challenge to ensure every day of October is posted upon. So far so good!


shakil huq said...

glad to see that you a are matchbox collector. me too and i am a matchbox designer as well.

jesska said...

Yeah, there's something really great about matchboxes :)

shakil huq said...

would you like to swap matchboxes with me?