Monday, October 20, 2008

A short break

I've taken a few days off blogging, and may take a few more... I wish I could say I was spending time in the fresh country air, but unfortunately this photo was taken over a year ago. Alas, it's just the general feeling that I'm too busy with everything all at once and something had to give. Hopefully not for long!

>> Worst timing ever since it's still Blogtoberfest! But it looks like there are plenty of others out there who have it covered. Back soon.


cindy said...

Blogotberfest or not it is still meant to be fun to post and if you have too much on i don't think you should feel bad. Enjoy your brak, try to fit in some fun stuff.

jesska said...

Thank you! Will be back refreshed with all kinds of blog-gy goodness soon :)