Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A tired Tuesday

I can't stop plugging my matchbox collection... at least until I figure out what to do with them! (or, ahem, get cracking on other projects that I've drawn up in my journal of ideas then done nothing further about)

>> Also, I found out today that my roast vegetable salad recipe is now on, along with some others that look pretty tasty.


Erin said...

i'm glad you haven't stopped plugging your matchbox collection, because then i'm not sure i would have ever seen it! BRILLIANT! my mother has collected these all her life-- she has drawers full, and i love looking at them!

Bellgirl said...

Gorgeous! BTW I've linked to you in the latest issue of Blogtoberfest Blog Crawl:

Happy Blogtober!

jesska said...

There must be so many gorgeous old things hidden in drawers and boxes all over the world... just through my own experience I've found such great things! Blogs are great for showing them off ;)

potty mouth mama said...

Your matchbox collection is fab!! So beautiful.

Hey, I tried to comment on your Friday Favourite (The Con) but maybe when you posted it you didn't switch back to the normal format (not HTML), so I can't leave a comment.. Well that's what always happens to me anyway..

I just wanted to say I love Tegan & Sara too.. In a big way!

jesska said...

Whoops, I'm not sure what I did there.. thanks for letting me know, will try to fix it. Tegan & Sara are great though!