Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a minute... in October

August Street had the idea to give a summary of your doings once a month, and called it just a minute. Given that tomorrow marks the end of October, I'm just in time!

Reading... lots of back issues of Golden Hands. Self described as a "knitting, dressmaking & needlecraft guide"(dated 1962). Photos coming soon, it's vintage gold!

Watching... season one of Buffy! I decided it was finally time so I've embarked on the challenge to watch the whole series, start to finish.

Listening... to the new Jolie Holland album, The Living and The Dead. And Cat Power.

Eating... more fruit and salads, and getting fresh food from the market on Sunday. Of course, there are also plenty of muffins, coffee and dark chocolate being consumed in between.

Sewing... up green velvet cushions for my kitchen chairs. As a first real sewing project I don't have unrealistic expectations but I hope they're usable!

Learning... how to crochet the edges for my granny squares and join them together. Haven't quite mastered it yet but YouTube has been an invaluable resource.


CurlyPops said...

Thanks for reminding me...I would have missed it!

jesska said...

I really like the theme! Especially because I can click the "just a minute tag" and get a succinct summary of each month... well, some of it :)