Sunday, February 15, 2009

frankie ~ issue #28

The latest frankie magazine arrived on Friday and I've hardly had time to pour over it's delicate pages, so that's what I'm about to do (with a nice, hot cup of coffee). I love Sundays.


thevintageyear said...

I loooove Frankie.. but haven't been able to buy a copy for the last two issues because I've been too poor. Now you've just made me want to read it, argh! I wonder if the state library has a copy.. Hmm. Have a good Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesska,


Email me your address (or, if you like, we can meet up for gelati sometime?) and tell me which photograph you'd like a print of.


Liz xxx

jesska said...

K ~ I will happily lend you my back issues! Although will need them back as I want to keep them forever and ever... let me know if you have any time free to collect :)

L ~ Sounds fabulous, thank you so much! I'll go back to have a look at them again since I can't remember which was my favourite... all so good :) thanks again!

lina said...

wow! i've never heard of this magazine (am i silly??), but i went to the webpage & it looks amazing! i think i love it. but it's sooo expensive for a subscription:/ especially when you live in the us...