Monday, February 2, 2009

The Monaco Bar Debacle

I was in two minds about posting this photo. First of all, it's a Nestle product, and they're not exactly a brand I'm happy promoting. Secondly, I became vegetarian two years ago and often think I should cut the eggs and dairy to join the vegan fleet. Even just being vegetarian I've discovered how easy it is to eat seriously delicious food without having to partake in the cruel meat producing industry, while reducing my carbon footprint and staying very healthy.


Anyway, I bought this today more for nostalgia, and while it was a super tasty treat for a hot summer night... I probably won't ever have another one. Goodbye Monaco!

>> I was hoping one more person might comment on my Pay It Forward post so I can start crafting up the free goodies ;)


CurlyPops said...

I can't believe they're back! I'm buying one for sure next time I'm at the servo (sorry to all the vegans out there).
I would have loved to join your pay it forward but I'd already signed up somewhere you think I could break the rules and sign up anyway?

jesska said...

Please do! As long as I have three people to send things to I'll be happy :)

Vegan and Vintage said...

Hey, you should so go vegan! If you are worried abot nestle, you probably should know that T2, who you posted about a while ago is owned by a larger company who is then owned by coca cola.

I have already done the whole pay it forward thing too, but I'm always up for a swap!!!


jesska said...

Oh no! That's devastating about T2... I really should investigate these things before giving them benefit of the doubt - I'm too hopeful (which is probably why I've stayed vegetarian instead of vegan).

Carolyn said...

Never seen these before--and I know chocolate. Maybe just not in the states yet?

jesska said...

It might be an Australian thing... although they disappeared for a long time here too. Kindof like the biscuit bits of an Oreo, with vanilla icecream in the middle.

I wonder if I could make them at home? With soy ice cream?? Must investigate!

Anonymous said...

Are Monaco Bars similar to Eskimo Pies? I love love love Eskimo Pies..

On a more self-promotional note, would you like to enter my blog competition? By posting a comment, you could win a print of one of my photographs!

Hehe.. love xoxo

thevintageyear said...

I would have loved to join your pay it forward thing but with all the stuff that'll be happening this year (i.e. I don't know where I'll be in the world, and when, and if I'll even have access to craft supplies or a post office!) I had to reluctantly give it a miss. Great idea though!!

I'm also at a vegan X-road too, so I really get where you're coming from. After being vegan for about 7 years I slipped back into my vegetarian ways and now am considering going back to vegan but it is hard... so hard! Regarding T2, it almost seems like every ethical company is owned by a larger unethical corporation or conglomerate - it's frustrating. Hopefully by supporting the ethical products you'll be providing a market so that the umbrella company will be inspired to put more funding into their ethical subsidiaries. I'm not sure if it works like that (lack of understanding of economics) but I'm hopeful! Anyways. I've never heard of a monaco bar... before the picture loaded I thought you would be posting a pic of some awesome new laneway watering hole in Melbourne, you seem to know about all the cool things in Melbourne :)

jesska said...

E ~ They're a bit like an eskimo pie but with biscuit instead of chocolate outside! Will checkout your giveaway too, thanks :)

K ~ I actually like the name Monaco Bar for a real bar... hmm... on that note, I went to Grumpy's vegetarian bar/restaurant (new on Smith St) for trivia last night & it was great! Might post more about that soon x

Jessica said...

I've never seen a monaco bar before...I bet they are yummy.

Beth said...

Yeah, I've thought about vegan for a while, but I found the ethical dilemmas alone seriously tough and it got difficult in deciding on an endpoint (like how fruit is dependent on bugs and birds to pollinate them - should I not eat fruit? And what about figs, for that matter? Argh!). In the end I decided not to go down that road and have found a happy place at the moment with my vegetarianism. I'm surprised how most of my meals turn out to be vegan anyway. We have a lactose intolerant family member (byebye dairy) and I drink and cook with soy anyway, rarely eat eggs, and avoid gelatin products. Cooking my meals from scratch and avoiding processed food was the easiest way I found to avoid any "hidden" animal bits. I guess it helps that I love to cook.