Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends, favourites & findings... explained

I've just posted two sets of links:

1. Friends, favourites & findings... by type

2. Friends, favourites & findings... by location

This is very much a work in progress, and will be added to, edited, shuffled around and no doubt renamed as time goes on. For now, I thought it was at least better than a meaningless list of names down the side of the page. Love to hear thoughts, suggestions, additions and any comments about these!


cindy said...

I love the list, always love some new people to visit. I would love to of done your pay it forward too but I just don't think I have the time, but you knitting is FAB.

jesska said...

No worries at all, I just needed an excuse to make things again... the crafting took a bit of a dive over summer but getting back to it now :)