Monday, February 16, 2009

Tags and awards!

I've been lucky this week, and here are a few reasons why:
~ getting a proximidade award from littlechrissy (actually for the second time!)
~ winning a beautiful photo print on love me, love me not
~ tagged by the lovely lina

Four Things
a: four places that i go to over and over: vegie bar, soulfood cafe, Moroccan soup bar & soulmama
b: four people who email me regularly: an American friend living in Japan, a German friend who I must visit one day, Martha Stewart's daily organising tips (yes, nerdy), and blog comments (thank you!)
c: four favourite smells: coffee, coconut flavoured anything, fresh coriander and pine trees
d: four places i would rather be right now: i'm pretty happy where i am! ...but there's always New York City.
e: four people i tag: cheating again - anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged!

>> I've also donated as much as I could to the Red Cross for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009, and forwarded some recipes to Handmade Help. Every little bit counts.

1 comment:

lina said...

congratulations on your award & winning! that's so great:D