Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a minute... in November

Only 8 posts before this one in the month of November, so I thought it was a good time for August Street's "just a minute" round up.

Reading... all the blogs in my reader list, more than I used to (or at least I've added more without removing any). I like paying attention to what people share, and being inspired. By the way, there's a helpful post on Meet Me at Mikes about blog reading etc.

Watching... season two of Buffy, and almost up to the next one! I was never a "Buffy" person but I now understand what all the fuss was about.

Listening... to Perth band Tame Impala. They're just as good live as on their EP. Worth a spin.

Eating... mostly fresh market food, to go with my running, swimming, bike riding, dancing and yoga. Hoping this time it'll all stick and I'll become one of those fit & healthy people I never understood before. Or maybe not.

Sewing... plans are on hiatus. The first green cushion took me so long, it's put me off doing the other three! I really should get back to it, and embark on an easier first project next time.

Learning... to be more proactive, and doing the things that have been on my list foreverrr. Still a lot more I could/should be doing, but I'm proud of myself anyway.


CurlyPops said...

Yah to you for healthy eating and trying to stick to your list!
It's really hard to do sometimes..

jesska said...

Thanks! It takes a lot of motivation but I'm doing well this time I think :) The hardest part will be avoiding sugar for a while, haven't started that part yet... eek!

Jessica said...

I love reading these 'just a minute' posts. Have a great Thanksgiving.

jesska said...

I like doing the overview and reading over my old ones to see what's changed in a month!

Jenaveve said...

Well! 'bout time you jumped on the BtVS bandwagon. Thought I'd stop by and say Hullo seeing as it's been a while...