Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coriandrum sativum

My gardening skills are fairly limited, but I now have a lemon tree, rosemary bush, pink impatiens and coriander (I can only take credit for the last two really). Very proud.

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thevintageyear said...

How cool, Did you grow that coriander from seed? I bought a coriander plant once and it went strong for months and months (apparently quite long for coriander seedlings) and then went to seed... I saved the seeds, meaning to grow more coriander but have always been a bit too scared to grow it from seed, it sounds hard!

Also, really like the blue berets you've been crocheting, pity they are too small, maybe they can be gifts for children?

jesska said...

Not at all, I totally cheated! They were just seedlings I planted - I'm starting small :)

The first blue beret does fit but it just looks a bit odd somehow... hopefully third time lucky!

Beth said...

I hope your gardening endeavours have survived in all of this summer heat!!