Friday, January 9, 2009

I wish these days would never end

I've been a tourist in my own town this week. I couldn't afford to take a holiday away from home, so instead decided to spend time visiting local attractions. This photo was taken yesterday at the Melbourne Museum, while wandering through the forest gallery (more of an enclosed park than gallery, really). I think the little bird is a robin.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

I haven't been to the new museum. The "old" one back on Swanston Street was full of stuffed animals and pinned dead insects. I didn't know they had living creatures ... I must go!

cindy said...

We have been holidaying at home too, it is great to get out and about to see all the good stuff you had forgotten about.

jesska said...

There are so many things I walk straight past or would never take the time to visit usually... it's been a cost-effective holiday!

The new museum is great, although a few of the exhibits were closed. Might be worth checking the website for what's on before you go :)