Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a smoothie

This hardly qualifies as a recipe but it was a super delicious summer beverage so I'll tell you anyway. All you need is:
~ one punnet of strawberries
~ two heaped desertspoons of natural yoghurt (or soy yoghurt to make it vegan)
~ a glass and a half of soy milk

Blend for a few minutes then pour into glasses... that's it! I probably could have blended a little longer as there were a few strawberry chunks at the bottom (tasted great, though). Makes 2 big, or 3 small smoothies.


Jenaveve said...

In a word: Yum

Think I'll try it.

jesska said...

Please do! You could probably do it with just about any sort of berry... or even other fruit (mango, banana etc)

thevintageyear said...

That looks so delicious, perfect for a hot day. If only I had some soy yoghurt. And a blender. And some berries. I pretty much can't make this smoothie right now, I'll just have to stare at yours. x