Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just a minute... in January

Almost forgot again! These months fly by too quickly... Anyway, here is my just a minute round up for January:

Reading... issue #27 of frankie magazine. I read it cover to cover every time.

Watching... the Australian Open! It always makes me want to take up tennis again.

Listening... to Bon Iver's album "For Emma, Forever Ago" and loving it so much the vinyl version is now on order from Insound.

Eating... coriander from the garden in almost every meal, but not sure how it's going to survive through the heatwave predicted in Melbourne this week!

Sewing... has stalled, as has the knitting and crochet. No doubt will be back with a vengeance when the weather cools down.

Learning... that it's hard to start new habits - like exercise, getting up early and avoiding sweet things - but very satisfying when you actually do it. Having said that, I think I need icecream!


CurlyPops said...

I just watched Jalena lose.... drats and bugger!
PS Thanks for reminding me too!

Kirsty said...

Ice cream is always the answer!

jesska said...

Tennis and ice cream have definitely been the highlights of my week!

Jenaveve said...

I'm losing the guilt and declaring a no-sew period... at least until thing cool down a bit.

Barbara said...

I've been trying to get up earlier for almost a year and just can't seem to stick with it!