Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little cafe in a lane

I had a delicious vegetarian lasagna at this place in Hardware Lane last week. I tried to make one at home and it just wasn't as good... I'll try again soon and post the recipe if it works out.

>> Thanks to Lady Melbourne for my special mention today! She has fabulous style and elegance, I highly recommend you take a look (if you haven't already).


Bucca said...

That looks like Amici's?
Saw the cute scarf you knitted on Lady Melbourne's blog! so talented I wish I could sew and knit!
I think I might do a class!

jesska said...

Can't remember name of cafe, sorry!

Knitting is easy, I only started a few months ago... if you're keen you can pickup needles/wool at Spotlight for under 5 bucks, then try YouTube & websites like for help getting started :)