Monday, July 28, 2008

A pair!

Probably the fastest project I've done so far! I can't take credit for the pattern, but I might make some modifications next time (like longer down the arms). Although this version I managed to make both mittens from one 50g ball of wool! Amazing.

>> Granny squares are coming next, I found some inspiration today...

Granny Square on Wikipedia
As usual, wikipedia comes through with the goods (simple explanation).

Green Granny Square Blanket on Instructables
A huge project, can't imagine how long it must have taken.

Crafts on
Worth a look for the miniature squares!


CurlyPops said...

I love the finished pair....just perfect for keeping you wrists toasty!

jesska said...

Thank you! They're doing a good job so far :)

.girl ferment. said...

well done.

Emily said...

Of course you know I only took up knitting so that I may one day knit myself and everyone I know giant boxy apricot cable sweaters.
I'm working on this scarf:

It was going great for a few rounds until I kept not being able to remember which row I was up to! The cables keep alternating direction and they're all so plaited I can't figure out what's going on. I'm thinking of casting off after these 6 inches and just keeping it as a tiny useless pot holder!

jesska said...

Even for the mittens I had to keep a running sheet, ticking rows as I went along, not sure how else to keep track without years of knitting experience! Good luck with the rest, it looks tricky!