Monday, July 7, 2008

A mexican fiesta

Too much food & not enough knitting? Yes, I know... but this was mexican food! The ingredients for this tasty vegetarian dinner were:
~ tortillas
~ refried beans
~ lettuce
~ tomato
~ avocado
~ grated tasty cheese (rennet free)
~ chunky tomato salsa
~ sour cream
~ jalapenos

>> The neverending brown scarf really is nearly finished (who knew moss stitch would take so much longer?)


mill said...

Wow those are all my fave ingredients for mexican (I'm not into the shredded beef :P). Esp the beans (though I've never tried store bought refried beans..usually make them myself)

Maybe I should suggest Mexican for dinner tonight. Hmmm.

jesska said...

Homemade beans would be so much nicer... I was being very lazy!