Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just a minute... in July

I've joined a meme (thanks to August Street), so you'll be seeing a post like this once a month. I figured the middle of a month is as good a time as any to begin! Feel free to join in here.

Reading... The latest Frankie magazine. I tend to read it over & over until the next one comes out, finding an interesting new snippet or photo each time.

Watching... Dexter (Sunday nights on Channel 10). Very clever cop show - I'm hooked.

Listening... The new Death Cab For Cutie album is brilliant. My favourite song was "I will possess your heart", but others are rapidly growing on me as I replay.

Eating... Churros (spanish donuts) with the dark chocolate sauce. Seriously amazing.

Knitting... Still going on the brown moss stitch scarf, despite working on it daily. It's almost as tall as me now, but I'm keen to finish the ball of wool (so close!).

Learning... How to play harmonica. I bought a cheap one for practice, and started watching YouTube videos for instructions. Turns out it's actually quite tricky.


CurlyPops said...

I've been watching Dexter too....it's sort of hooks you in and you want to see what happens next!

Jenaveve said...

Hey! Love the post :)

You know I've never tried Churros but they look damn good. One of these days...

daydream lily said...

I've heard about Dexter, maybe I should watch it. And I like this post, I'll be joining in.

jesska said...

I really like the 'Just a minute' roundup, as much for me to look back and see what I was up to! Will definitely be keeping it up.