Saturday, September 6, 2008

A day in September

Inspired by Meet Me At Mikes, here is what I've been doing today:
~ Wearing a pretty floral floaty top
~ Eating eggs florentine for breakfast on Rathdowne Street
~ Loving the sunshine
~ Wandering through the city laneways for nothing in particular
~ Buying 60s hippy style printed tights
~ Remembering moments from when I was in New York City
~ Reading updates from my ever growing list of favourite blogs
~ Considering take away from the Moroccan Soup Bar for dinner
~ Hoping tomorrow is just as good


Miss Muggins said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Ain't it great to be happy!

seramb said...

lovely list & what a gorgeous finish to the day it was! thanks for tasty lemon tart & delightful tunes (still on repeat), hope today rounds the weekend out well x

jesska said...

Thank you! It's definitely been a good weekend, start to finish :)

BigCat said...

I love that photo. It's really great. I love NYC too, and the Moroccan Soup Bar.

jesska said...

Thanks! A lot of my NYC photos were the standard tourist shots, but I like this one cause I found a different angle...