Monday, September 29, 2008

A reflection

It's been a while since I picked up my guitar. I often feel discouraged since so many people I know are far more advanced with their musical talent! The harmonica was harder than it looked, so I'm taking a step back to something I've actually done before. By summer I intend to be all of the following:
~ a guitar player
~ a harmonica player
~ a headscarf wearer
~ a photographer
~ a knitter
~ a sewer
~ a (better) blogger

...well, I'm on my way.


cindy said...

Great list. Being a sewer is definately not one I am going to achieve. That goes on the looks harder than it looks list.

jesska said...

Never say never ;) ...I didn't think I'd end up trying some of these things either!

sweetcheese said...

Nice list. You'll have to share when you can blog about a photograph you take of yourself playing the guitar and harmonica simultaneously while wearing a headscarf, home-sewn skirt, and knitted socks!