Friday, September 12, 2008

I love paisley

Here's a close up of the paisley apron I bought at the op shop the other day. I was in two minds about cutting it up and re-purposing, or using as an actual apron... I think the apron wins! I probably should have been alive in the 50s/60s, here are some things I like:
~ drive-in movies
~ old school bowling alleys, and those two-tone shoes
~ go-go dancing
~ ice cream sundaes
~ music
~ going steady with my boy <3


CurlyPops said...

Now that is a beautiful paisley print. Great find!

jesska said...

Thanks! I'm on the lookout for something similar to make chair cushions for my kitchen... love it!

Miss Muggins said...

I love old linens too! I recently bought a tablecloth from an op shop with the intention of making a bag. Neeedless to say it is still a tablecloth and I actually use it. I'll post a pic on my blog.